I can’t breathe


From Bill Bramhall, New York Daily News



Categories: Culture, Law, racism


12 replies

  1. Wow PT, talk about a picture painting a thousand words!

  2. I was unsure as to the meaning of this but after some time reading the NY papers and listening to the Mayor of NY, this speaks volumes, I thought the NY Daily News was one of rupert murdocks rags and if it is I’m surprised that this got through to publication.

  3. Our Grand Jury system has become a “Pick A Pal” network according to one of our respected local legal scholars… Gerald Treece. Based on it’s recent performance, it’s hard to disagree.

  4. Over selling loose cigarettes. I hear the store owner complained b/c he was losing business… what? Over one guy selling loose cigarettes from a few packs he has on his body? He should have been told to stop and move on.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

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