Watch worldwide cyber attacks in progress

Click for live map (Image: IPViking)

I’m no expert and can’t begin to explain everything about this live map from Norse IPViking, an Internet security operation. But it shows the many cyber attacks going on around the world right now — against fake targets. The targets are actually honeypots, hacker mousetraps if you will, set up by Norse to lure attackers into exposing themselves and their IPs. (There’s a brief explanation on Quora.)

The map is interactive; mousing over items in the Origins, Targets, and Types lists changes what’s highlighted on the map. “S” toggles larger tables. The large unidentified node in the far South Atlantic appears to be the representation for military/government attacks from unknown locations.

It may take several minutes for the map to fully load and might require some refreshing (or maybe I’m still experiencing problems from the Lizard Squad attacks). But once loaded, it’s almost like watching live fire, tracers arcing from one point to another, bursts and salvos followed by minutes of relative calm.

It’s both intriguing and disturbing to see how much would-be cyber mischief and malevolence is being generated around the world.

May 21, 2020: Here’s a new map. Or a bunch of them.

12 thoughts on “Watch worldwide cyber attacks in progress

  1. I’ve been watching this for five minutes and have watched two tremendous “attacks” launched at US targets, one from China and one from Serbia. When they launch, it’s like watching the fireworks finale on the 4th of July. The whole screen lights up. Imagine what is being launched against real targets then, like the Federal Reserve. Some scary stuff right there.

    1. It’s fascinating to watch, in a scary, horrible sort of way. It’s only a graphical representation, but it looks much like the war it is. I keep wondering what the Lizard Squad attacks would look like if they were shown.

  2. Am I correct. do most of the attacks emanate from the USA followed by hina and Saudi Arabia? It was pleasing for me to see that Australia did not attack and did not appear to be attacked, must be something to do with our gun policy (couldnt resist the dig, just being facetious PT)

    1. If you watch the map for a few minutes, the stats change. Countries move up and down in both the origin list and target list. Don’t know about Australia. It could just be that Norse doesn’t have any clients there.

      1. If you toggle the longer lists by typing “S” and then close the “Live Attacks” list, you’ll see Australia occasionally appear near the bottom of the “Attack Origins” list. Given relative populations, that seems about right.

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