Oh baby, it’s thundersnow!


You have to laugh when an adult, a serious on-camera meteorologist doing a live report, loses it and acts like a kid. Apparently thundersnow in Boston is what does it for The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore. I’ll admit thundersnow is an interesting phenomenon, and I’ve experienced it a couple of times — in upstate New York for sure, and possibly here in Colorado. But my reaction was considerably more tempered than this. This I’d have saved for something like winning the lottery.

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  1. “You gotta be kidding me!” How funny!

    My first experience was in Colorado, I believe in 1989, late May. I was driving my 1984 Mustang, rear-wheel drive, through Wolf Creek Pass headed to southern Utah to go backpacking. When I went up into the pass it was cloudy, no big deal. Then I hit the first hairpin turn right after the crux of the pass and drove right into a snowstorm. At that same moment, a huge bolt of lightning streaked down the canyon straight out from my car. I was still living in Indiana at the time so I had only been through the Rockies a couple of times.

    Terrified me, but was exhilarated at the same time.

  2. Some meteorologists get thrilled by the weirdest things sometimes. I still recall back when I was working in TV watching morning news at the hotel (since we were snowed in) and seeing a guy in Minnesota cackling because he did the water-to-ice trick during a sub-zero stand-up. Our meteorologists tend not to be that nuts around here in Tornado Alley. 😀

  3. Oh no, this is not his first thunder snow. Jim is like this every time he gets to be out in it. It’s his favorite thing in the world. Tornadoes scare him senseless but thunder snow is like busting into the candy after Lent.

  4. I loved watching this. He was so excited. Never heard thundersnow much less multiple times like this. No doubt this guy will go down in the extreme weather archives

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