All I need to know about Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is his own man

Chris Britt/Creators Syndicate


Categories: Bush, Politics

6 replies

  1. Love the caricature! It captures Jeb perfectly. Were it not for humor from artists like this, and wits like Jon Stewart, politics would be like an endless fairy tale: The King’s New Clothes.

    • I was already depressed about the much-too-early talk of the next campaign and election. The idea of going through it without Jon Stewart at the helm is terribly depressing. And I hate to flatter politics (or insult fairy tales) by comparing it to any fairy tale; it’s more like endless horror stories: Tales from the Crypt, American Horror Story, etc. Or maybe just Misery.

  2. Hanging chads,dimples and missed punches is ALL I need to know about Jeb Bush!

  3. Don’t. Run. Jeb. Please. (My head is already hurting and the election is how far off?)

“I cannot be an optimist but I am a prisoner of hope.” ~ Cornel West

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