Llamas run loose until lassoed

Two llamas were on the loose in Sun City, Ariz., today and mere humans had trouble corraling them. Some deft work with good old-fashioned lassos finally ended the romp. My hat’s off to the man with the rope and cowboy skills. He got a high five from his buddy just a fraction of a second after this video ends. No report so far of where the llamas came from or how they got loose. But chances are by now their owner knows where they are.

Update: AP has reported the llamas were part of a trio that was making a therapy visit to residents at an assisted living facility.

Llamas visit assisted living center

The llamas were a big hit at the assisted living center. They pulled their great escape on the way out. (Image: Stephanie Schmidt)


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4 replies

  1. Thank the Lord for cowboys and pick up trucks!

  2. I watched this on the news last night. It was great! Big thanks to the roping cowboys.

    • I saw most of it live yesterday. So much fun. Glad the llamas didn’t get hurt by running in front of a car or something. Was afraid maybe the black one hurt his leg when he fell, but then he seemed okay. The coverage of this has been intense. Makes you realize how desperate we all are for some happier, lighter fare these days. Llama drama, that’s the ticket!

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