Silence is golden in Rocky Mountain NP

6 thoughts on “Silence is golden in Rocky Mountain NP”

  1. I’ve never been to this park but am very glad the choppers are banned. They could start a fire in the park too if they God forbid, crashed. Noise pollution is rampant in Las Vegas but add the fact that Nellis AFB is a few miles away. Every morning around ten or eleven AM, a pack of fighter jets head west over the north rim of the valley, near us. Wow, the noise. Choppers? We got ’em. Metro flies around all the time, there are private choppers, then the tourist choppers that day and night circle the Strip. In spite of this it’s a good place to live but in a place like your park, totally unacceptable. Three cheers for those lady voters. 🙂

    1. I wish I could hug every one of them. The loudest sound I ever want to hear in that park is the bugling of an elk, the screech of an eagle, or the roar of a waterfall.

    1. Aren’t you the clever one. 🙂

      The law should have been made applicable to all parks, but I guess the tours are already well established in many parks and tour operators would object to their businesses being shut down

      I can imagine that some people would say it’s the only way they have to see a park (time constraints or whatever), but the choppers ruin the experience for other visitors who might also have limited time. Their one day in the park would be ruined if there were a chopper in the area.

      1. A “business” interest that makes it easy for some to “enjoy” a park while ruining the experience for others seems kinda contradictory to me!

      2. And there might ensue a disagreement on what it means to enjoy a park and whose way should prevail. I’m just glad the choppers were banned here before they ever got started. Getting that genie back in the bottle would have been extremely difficult.

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