Surprise! Hillary’s running

To the surprise of absolutely no one in the free world, Hillary Clinton has officially announced her candidacy for the 2016 presidential race. She released this video yesterday, via social media as I understand it; I really wasn’t paying that much attention. It was amusing, however, to see all the news channels, starting at about 8 or 9 am, focused exclusively on this story, waiting breathlessly for the video’s release which was to come “any moment” but didn’t actually appear until around noon mountain time. No doubt they then spent the rest of the day talking still more about Hillary and the video.

Anyway, I think the video is pretty good. Nicely produced. Lots of everyday Americans (every demographic group), doing everyday, positive things. Hillary doesn’t even show up until near the end, and she’s “likable enough” as Pres. Obama once put it. I do think her logo is unpleasantly rigid, cold, hard-edged, and sharp, in direct opposition to the warmth she hopes to convey. At least that’s my initial impression.

All in all, not a bad start. It remains to be seen if she can keep her footing and maintain her “I’m one of you” attitude through the next 18 months of campaigning. Some of yesterday’s analysis compared her 2008 campaign with her earlier New York senate campaign and said she hoped to repeat the latter. I don’t remember the specifics, but I lived in NY at the time, was favorably impressed despite thinking she was an opportunistic carpetbagger, and ultimately voted for her.

13 thoughts on “Surprise! Hillary’s running

  1. I’ve been hearing Gomer Pyle’s “Surprise, surprise, surprise!” in my head ever since I head the news. I can’t exactly say she inspires hope for a better tomorrow but, when compared to what the dingbats are offering up, I’ll take Hillary of them any day!

  2. Damn it, Izaak! 😉

    I still haven’t watched it … perhaps that’s one of the benefits of Lucifer (my computer) deciding it needed some “me” time: a little bit of a break from politics.

    I know that editorial cartoonists like my buddy John are thrilled with her, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul; Marco Rubio’s a bit tougher than them to caricature (as would be Elizabeth Warren).

    No matter what, 2016’s gonna be a weird one.

  3. So much for breaking news. My local newspaper today featured a three-column head proclaiming “Congress returning to Washington.” What a revelation. Oh well, the paper has been dying for several years now and apparently anything goes to fill some space.

    1. Oh that’s sad. Somebody should put that paper out of its misery. Not that my heart doesn’t break for the entire industry, and has been for a number of years.

  4. Well, being from Arkansas I have just been beside myself with worry and anxiety since her announcement. Too early to predict, I know, but if by some chance she does win the Presidency where will she put her library? Will she put it next to her husband’s definitely creating a one-of-a kind, never to be matched landmark, or will it be in Illinois or even New York? These are the type things can keep someone up at night! 😕

    1. Now that’s a dilemma I hadn’t thought about. Is there room next to Bill’s library to build a matching library? That would be so adorable, such a cute representation of the happy couple. (They’d have to match, else people would be constantly talking about which was better looking.) But then, with two such giant egos, each would probably prefer to stand alone and have a library not shadowed in any way by the other. She’s originally from Chicago, and that’s a major city (where politics are king). That would get my vote. New York? No, to me she’ll always be a carpetbagger in NY. I can see how this would keep you awake nights. So much to consider … after all, it’s for posterity!

      1. Well I have to say that their have been a lot of sarcastic remarks over the years regarding the architecture of Bill Clinton’s and its resemblance to a trailer. In keeping with that sarcastic tone, I suppose they could put Hillary’s right next to Bill’s and create our first double-wide Presidential Library. 😀

        I wholeheartedly agree with your supposition regarding Chicago. Given the fact that Chicago would be the ideal location, let’s not forget she would be sharing that particular choice of States with none other than Abraham Lincoln! 🙂

        1. LOL. Doublewide presidential library. I hadn’t heard that his looked like a trailer (how appropriate!). I just glanced at one nighttime photo and thought it looked very open and airy and kind of liked it. Now that I look at others … yes, it’s definitely shaped like a trailer.

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