Trump: Nuff said

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  1. Trump would be a disaster if he were elected, no argument here. But to the extent he resonates with a significant swath of the body politic, he is becoming a catalyst for change. I am looking forward to the national debate over his proposal to eliminate birthright citizenship.

    1. I think he’d be nowhere if the media stopped talking about him. They’ve created his celebrity and are keeping him front and center. He’d be an also-ran if they devoted as much attention to the other candidates.

      He caught my attention, too, when he mentioned birthright citizenship. I’ve written about it before and think it should be eliminated, but I doubt it will ever happen.

  2. I do believe that the media wants to keep America Grate continually along with the Politicians. Most non politicians would like to see America become Great again as our Morals (or the lack there of) are at an all time low. Donald Trump happens to be a catalyst for this to be in the public eye. Over time we will see just how this is played out. Where are the rules for “birthright citizen ship” spelled out? What would our founding fathers say about this?

    1. Trump wouldn’t be and couldn’t be where he is today without the media. I suspect his star will fall when the media turn their attention to the other candidates. I certainly hope most Americans want to see America become great again, but Trump is not the way to do it. He’s a very loud, very obnoxious representation of the Ugly American the world loves to hate.

      Birthright citizenship is the subject of the 14th Amendment which, in turn, is subject to interpretation by the Supreme Court. There’s a detailed discussion of birthright citizenship on the website of the Center for Immigration Studies. Among other things, it explains what the founding fathers were trying to accomplish with the amendment. If you’re looking for information, there are countless sites that discuss the intent, interpretation, and application of the 14th Amendment.

  3. It is very clear to me that no one could or would be heard without media coverage.How much money is Donald Trump paying to be seen and heard is anybodies guess. How much is Hillary Clinton paying? As former Secretary Of State,probably nothing. I think it is her debacle of Benghazi and her private email server account is what is responsible for her being kept in the news. There is no question in my mind IF Hillary Clinton had been on active duty as an enlisted person and used a private email account server to send and receive US Government information she would have been fined,busted,restricted and served time in the brig.As an Officer,punishment would have included censure and a general discharge,at the very least. Want to know what was in her emails…for a price China or Russia may show and tell.

    1. I doubt Trump is paying the media anything. The way the media operate today, the biggest spectacle — whoever or whatever it happens to be — is going to get all their attention. They are absolutely fascinated by the spectacle Trump is making of himself. How long the ridiculous show goes on is anybody’s guess.

      As for Clinton and her email debacle, I can’t think of a word to say in her defense. Not. A. Single. Word.

  4. Oh he has a gorgeous bald eagle in his office today. What a showman. (One of the good things about the circus – it limits the time you have to see some of the other annoying candidates, so maybe the media is unknowingly helping us out…going to be a long time before the election…)

      1. I know. It’s sick /evil to keep on laughing – but seriously eagle vs the other Bush standing in front of American flags…the competition! Anticipation of the next level is almost more than anyone can take…Oh, look. It’s almost fall and time to go outside (whew, an escape plan!)

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