Biden, Colbert share emotional late-night interview

You may or may not like Stephen Colbert or Vice President Joe Biden. But this interview Thursday night on Colbert’s late night show was unlike anything I’ve ever seen or expected on late night.

It ended with us not knowing yet whether Biden will decide to run for president (and I certainly understand that), but that really wasn’t the point. What impressed me throughout — what practically screamed at me — was the complete lack of such warmth, honesty, and heartfelt genuineness on the part of any other candidate currently in the race. Why can’t we have a candidate like this running for the presidency? Why must we choose from a ridiculously large field of prancing, posing, pontificating plastic puppets who wouldn’t share with us a genuine emotion if they had one?

I want a real man or woman in the White House, someone with heart and depth, care and concern, personal experience with the pain and difficulty and compromises of leadership. If there is such a person in today’s field of candidates, I’ve not seen him/her

8 thoughts on “Biden, Colbert share emotional late-night interview

  1. Its been my take on this interview that both proponents and opponents alike have been moved and touched by the man’s sincerity and honesty. I thought the pain of his loss was almost palatable. You find yourself oblivious to the man’s politics and wanting so much for the whole of Washington to operate in that atmosphere but alas…. back to reality! 😕

    1. I certainly wasn’t thinking of partisan politics. It was such a rare, intimate look into both his life and (unexpectedly) Colbert’s. I did, desperately, want to return to a time when people like that ran Washington (or at least seemed to).

  2. Vice President Joe Biden has been just a heart beat away from the Presidency for almost 7 years now.He should know by now if the office of President is what he wants. Wishey washy is what comes to mind.

    1. Had his son not died recently, I’m sure his mind would already be made up. Have you never lost a loved one? Under the circumstances, accusing him of being “wishy washy” is pretty cold.

    1. Joe is gaffe-prone (or so the media make it appear) but genuine nonetheless. And as I recall, one reason Obama picked him as a running mate was because of his knowledge of Middle East affairs. That’s more important now that it ever was. If he or Sanders can take the nomination away from Hillary, I’ll gladly vote for them. We don’t have primaries in Colorado so I won’t have a chance to vote before then.

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