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  1. Forgot to add…”good old boy” mentality and “fighting for Jesus” religious right along with the gun lobby

      1. I’m afraid that if this country continues to wallow in dysfunction and unrest in both national and international affairs, buying arms and protecting ourselves ‘from each other’ may ultimately be our unavoidable and necessary fate. The citizens of this country seem more and more to be harboring hate and malice against each other, all in part due to the dysfunction of our government and the media’s pointed feeding of that discontent. 🙁

      2. Don’t get me started on the damage mass media is doing with all their exaggeration, corporate bias, negativism, slanted reporting, non-reporting, selective reporting, commentary, etc.

  2. The mental problems associated with most mass shooters don’t seem to be so severe that they don’t plan their carnage in a place known to be frequented by gun carrying law abiding citizens.

    They aren’t completely incapable of planning — unlike the media which seems to universally advocate creating fewer places where law abiding citizens are allowed to be armed.

    The logic is beyond me.

  3. I don’t own a gun, or a rifle, although I once was a crack shot with the latter. I think criticizing others for their religious beliefs is never warranted, and making generalized statements about gun owners is ignorant. My daughter belongs to the NRA, is a crack shot, has a license to carry a concealed weapon and does. She also lives on a farm at the end of a dark lonely road and has 10 dogs, three of them German Shepards. Not my cup of tea, but hers. She is also a special needs teacher, and has three degrees, two of them graduate degrees. She and her husband look like Ma and Pa Kettle and shop at Walmart. She’s 54 and I tell her she’s carried this youthful rebellion too far. 😏

    1. No criticism of religion here that I can see, nor even of gun owners (I grew up with my own rifle). The criticism is intended to be of Congress and the undue influence the gun lobby has over it.

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