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  1. That’s quite unique and really clever. I like that it doesn’t seem to in any manner appear to restrict or interfere with the dog’s normal function or behavior. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been keeping up on Colorado weather lately — even though it looks as though we’ll be moving back to the state in the near future. Why the power outage? Are you in the Denver area or farther north? Hope your power has been restored by now…

    • Never heard why the power went out, but it was a very small area. Happens occasionally when somebody cuts a line or a car hits a pole or something. Only lasted about an hour, if that. I’m way out in north Thornton, maybe 20 miles north of downtown Denver.

      Lucky you, coming back to Colorado! Congratulations. Weather has been extraordinarily mild so far. Might get our first snow flurries in the morning. But if you’re a skier, the high country is doing fine and Loveland and A-Basin are open.

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