Boo, humbug 2015

.(AP Photo/Tribune, Tom Stromme)

This guy reflects my grouchy old lady mood after a dozen trick-or-treaters ignore my darkened porch and ring my doorbell anyway. (I was taught that no porch light means nobody home and/or no goodies available so do not disturb.) To those who don’t ring my doorbell, I wish the happiest, spookiest Halloween ever!

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  1. Definitely a breach of Hallowe’en etiquette- sorry some neighborhood ghouls bothered you!

    (Rats– that was supposed to be a happy faced pumpkin… my expertise is
    obviously not in WP)

  2. The only bright side of me not being in the house on Halloween is that I don’t have to worry about kids coming to the door. That means the candy is all mine … mine, I tell you!

  3. Ha! This photo reminds me of those hilarious Calvin and Hobbes snowmen series! Walmart’s celebrating Christmas already.

  4. As a puppeteer, I used to make Muppet-style monsters and perform for the neighborhood children on All Hallows Eve. Needless to say, I was very popular with the wee ones. However, one year the holiday was on Friday night, and some teens showed up on Saturday night when the house was dark but we were home. They started by ringing the bell, then knocking, then finally started trying to tear the storm door off its hinges. I called the local police, who arrived almost immediately. The county constable lived just two blocks away (it was a small town), but since he came in with lights blazing, they were gone by the time he showed up.

    We moved shortly after that, so that was the last year I participated in Halloween. I tried to do stuff in our new area, but the kids don’t go from house-to-house here. I’m too crippled to do the puppets any more, but I do miss the fun I used to have, hiding under a table and working my magic for the ones still innocent enough to believe…

  5. Well I have to say that I have felt quite lucky over the years having lived where I’m living which is in a residential neighborhood. I never hand out candy on Halloween and the porch light is always ‘off’ and so far not one goblin has ever violated my lair in all those years. And I must add, what’s not to love about the pumpkin photo featured in your post. 🙂

  6. Glad I bought at least one bag of mini-bar assortments because I had three groups of kids knock on my door ~ even with the porch light out! Great Pumpkin photo!! 😀

  7. Good one, PT. Love the pumpkin eater!

    Halloween is number one on my list of bad holidays. How can it not be when it is constituted of anonymity, superstition, extortion, death, fear and greed?

    Number two is Columbus day which celebrates a man who accidentally wandered into discovery of the offshore islands of two new continents while seeking to enrich himself and his despotic employers, enslave natives, compel their religious conversion, and who helped spread disease that wiped out 95% of their population.

    I suspect a trend, cynically speaking, because Christmas stirrings began even before Halloween this year under the nom de plume of Hollidays. If this continues, it may eventually overwhelm everything after Independence Day with one long, mad celebration replete with constumes.

    • A lot of folks have a lot of fun with all the spooky Halloween stuff. I’ve never been into “spooky/scary” myself, and outgrew the “collect candy” thing a lot time ago. The kids seem to enjoy the costumes, but the “trick or treat” part would be no loss if it disappeared.

      Columbus Day bothers me not because of whatever kind of jerk he might have been but because he didn’t discover America. We should stop perpetrating (and perpetuating) that myth.

      And you know my feelings about Christmas creep. I probably rant about it at least once a year.

  8. I tossed two and a half one-pound bags of candy after not getting a single trick-or-treater. A far cry from my place on LI, where I always squeaked by with a few pieces left at the end of the night. (This does mean I ate half a bag over three days. That’s why I trashed the rest. Really don’t need the temptation there.)

  9. The neighborhood I live in is semi-rural so no sidewalks and no street lights. Far enough from the city that the city lights don’t brighten the darkness. Therefore, if the outside lights are off, it is nearly pitch black. We almost never get Trick or Treaters here.We just make sure all lights are off and the gate is closed tightly.

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