Are there no limits in politics?

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  1. Actually, other than the bad language and flipping the bird, I found it rather humorous. Very apropos. Albuquerque is largely Hispanic and I live in one of the areas known for being mostly Hispanic. There are several stores in this area that have all their signage in Spanish. Anyway, to get to the point, this video expresses how most feel about “da Trump.” He is definitely not liked around here and most see him more as a threat than a leader. I kinda thought the video was a way of venting – and also as a reminder that those with the name of Sanchez (et al) are no different than the Smiths of this country.

    1. A lot of people think Trump is an idiot, an egotistical blowhard, a clown, etc. The reasons for disliking him are too numerous to mention. But I think it’s horrible to cast children in something like this. It’s exploiting kids to get across some very adult political points of view. Responsible parents wouldn’t let their kids talk like this at home; why on earth would they encourage them to do it in an ad? Not to mention, it casts Latinos in a very bad light and makes them look just as bad or worse than Trump.

  2. Children as pawns. Reflects poorly on parents and group. Once again loud things like this video encourages meanness in society instead of civil discussion…used to be said that those who resorted to this had little facts, clear argument, or lacked the capacity to do any better.
    We also have a large Hispanic/Latino population and almost everyone speaks some Spanish. This was part of Spain and Mexico at one time. ALL Spanish speaking people do not think or vote the same. MANY are more offended by children acting this way – their behavior ( and being used by adults) than Trump.
    Most people here want the same thing: to live their lives and be left alone.
    Let the kids be kids. Keep them away from politics and the ugliness of the world. Give them a childhood.

    1. Huge Hispanic population in Colorado as well. But mouthy, bratty kids are just that, no matter what their heritage. Teach them respect and good manners and as you said, keep them away from the ugliness of the world as long as possible and give them the childhood they deserve.

      1. So true. Kids only get more disrespectful and ugly smarty as they get into the teens – and if they start out like this? And see they are getting applause and attention? Feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with them now and in the future.
        Have a feeling this was done by the same group that organized the little girl’s run to the pope with “her” letter…which turned out she and other kids auditioned for the part and the group had done the same exact stunt in other countries to gain political recognition. Adults are probably what is wrong with the world.
        Childhood – priceless!

  3. Someone pointed out that these videos never die. They pop up when kids apply for college and jobs later in life. What the hell were the parents thinking anyway? Oh that’s right they are unaware of long-term consequences of our actions.

    1. Good point. High visibility like this will follow (haunt?) you for a very long time. The kids don’t understand what that means but the parents do (or should) and should act responsibly on their children’s behalf. That’s part of their job as parents.

  4. Agree with you, Pied, and all those who commented and found this disgusting. Unfortunately, this kind of stuff has opposite the intended effect on many people. Folks who tend to be sympathetic to Hispanics and their problems are turned off, and some become detractors.

    Of course, not just Hispanics are guilty of this gutter stuff in our politics. A whole lot of participants in the process need to clean up their acts.

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