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Can you find the sheep in this picture?

Liezel Kennedy of Pilgrim Farms in Saskatchewan, Canada, drove past her pasture one day and didn’t see any of her 550 sheep. What could have happened? So she made another pass, somewhat closer, and there they were, all her sneaky camo sheep, right where they should have been.

See the sheep? They’re in there.

Here, maybe this closer shot will help:

I confess I was completely stumped. But I’m a city girl. I was looking for white sheep and was trying my darndest to make those humps of snow turn into sheep.


  1. I was thinking white sheep too! This is a great example of why eye witness accounts can vary so much from person to person, even though they have all seen the same thing.

  2. Hmmmm, 350 sheep… Something must be working for me; i knew they would not be snow white critters, but i first wondered how many boots rather than how many lamb chops would come from that many! Fun one 😉

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