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  1. PS, it’s been one year since I started this blog thing, and you were one of the VERY first to come visit me! Thanks again! You have such a great site! Happy New Year to you!! I hope your health is well.

  2. Absolutely one of my favorite poems. I think maybe T. S. Eliot wrote it ? Had it on my now defunct computer hard drive. Used it at my last Toastmasters talk 10 years ago. John Thaw quotes in an episode of Morse. Last one before he died. Terribly sad. Based on the line from the Apocrapha about the alpha and Omega, Beginning and End.

    • Oh dear, another comment that I was not notified about. I’m sorry to be so slow in replying.

      I’m not familiar with the full poem and should definitely look it up. It is T.S. Eliot, as noted in the illustration. I’ve read very little poetry since college and even then, not much Eliot. No telling how much I might enjoy it when it isn’t a classroom assignment.

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