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  1. Jeb! seems to be a nice guy. But of course, that’s the problem. He comes across as wimpy, whether he is or not, and that’s important. Image is a big part of the job. Jimmy Carter had much the same problem and it was evident from the very first when on inauguration day he insisted on carrying his suit-bag down the street himself as he moved in. And again, during the energy crisis in hot summer, he addressed the nation dressed in a sweater with a fireplace going in the background.

    Ronald Reagan was the opposite, pretty much all about image and low on substance, but look now how the two are viewed.

    • Image is so important. First impressions, world stage, etc. The first thing I’d do with Jeb is get him some posture lessons. The man needs to stop slumping, stand up straight and tall, get those shoulders back, etc. Put him in a back brace or something. As it is, he projects extreme weariness. How can voters get excited about a man who seems incapable of excitement?

"A republic, if you can keep it." -- Benjamin Franklin

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