Now Jeb’s a low energy comedian

This clip was just shown on The Tonight Show and it cracked me up. I think it would have been funny even if it weren’t a current presidential candidate … but that does make it funnier. Or maybe it’s just late and I’m getting punchy.

Categories: Election 2016, Politics, video content

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  1. Jeb! seems to be a nice guy. But of course, that’s the problem. He comes across as wimpy, whether he is or not, and that’s important. Image is a big part of the job. Jimmy Carter had much the same problem and it was evident from the very first when on inauguration day he insisted on carrying his suit-bag down the street himself as he moved in. And again, during the energy crisis in hot summer, he addressed the nation dressed in a sweater with a fireplace going in the background.

    Ronald Reagan was the opposite, pretty much all about image and low on substance, but look now how the two are viewed.

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