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      • Here is exactly why “live and let live” will NEVER work in the world as we know it:It will require that we live according to an opinion or idea that may or may not agree with our own. 1st example…moral values are not required,just live and let live. 2nd example…when we teach or are being taught,to what standards will we adhere to…yours or mine or to the scholarly giants who lead our country or maybe some bible thumping idiot,maybe even …. you get the idea.No shoes no socks no clothes…no problem. Just live and let live!

        • It’s the ideal, but like most ideals, will never be achieved in the real world. There will always be people determined to force their ideas and opinions on other people instead of just minding their own business.

  1. This may be the wrong forum,but I need to ask this question: If gun makers and the sellers of said guns need to be held accountable when people use,buy or sell them illegally,then logic says so should the makers of alcohol and cars when their products are used in a lethal way.
    Thousands of people die every year from the miss use or abuse of alcohol and or drugs so they(the manufacturers) should be included too! And lets not get started with cell phone manufacturers.

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