Res ipsa loquitur

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      1. Nope! the liberal govt have given the coal miners in Queensland the okay to run off all the waste whatever from their mines into the ocean and the mines will let their polluted effluence flow directly into the GBR

      2. There’s a lot of ocean out there, and most of it belongs to all of us. The pollution isn’t going to target just the GBR and stay there. Shame on the government that would approve something like this.

    1. That’s really outrageous. The Great Barrier Reef is a world treasure. If money continues to trump sound conservation, the earth will be in even more trouble than it already is.

  1. One would think that the Australian government was smarter than that. What if the rest of the world followed suit and decided to dump all our pollutions into the earths ocean’s?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. And we don’t even have a GBR to protect. I was very relieved when the plan to start offshore drilling off our own SE coast was halted. Dumping coal crap onto the GBR is the most short-sighted, ignorant decision I’ve heard of in quite a while. But I was thinking of the oceans in general when I saw the cartoon. Big Money is going to try to keep exploiting the oceans worldwide as long as there’s money to be made in fossil fuels (or anything else).

    1. Don’t I recall that something was killing the coral even before the govt authorized the dumping of coal mining waste? Hard to understand a natl govt that would deliberately authorize even more damage to the GBR.

      1. The ‘Crown of Thorns” comes by every ncein a while and kills some off, but war is declard on the ‘C of T’ and the threat disappears until the next time.
        Our National govt, cannot think for themselves, cn not come up with policies for the good of Australia and Australians and is in the pockets of big business and rupert murdock, the liberal party of Australia are as bad if not worse than your GOP.

        Many years ago they were a reasonable party and held govt for so long that the current crop of pollies think it’s their right and duty to drag Australia down, ooooooooops think it’s their right to govern.

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