Trail Ridge Road misses opening by one day

(Note, May 28, 2016: RMNP Facebook page reported this morning: “Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park will open at 11AM today, Saturday, May 28. Due to melting snow on the road during the day and freezing temperatures at night, visitors should plan for night closures occurring at 8:00 p.m. until conditions change. Road crews and rangers will reassess conditions each morning and reopen the road when and if conditions allow.”)

This was the scene this morning west of the Rock Cut on Trail Ridge Road. Needless to say, the road will not open today as scheduled.

As reported by Rocky Mountain National Park on its Facebook page:

Due to current road and weather conditions and predicted weather forecast, Trail Ridge Road will not open today. We will continue to evaluate day by day over the weekend.

This morning, park rangers experienced 20 to 30 mph winds with white out conditions and a high temperature of 24 degrees. Road conditions are treacherous with extreme ice.

Rock Cut, Trail Ridge Road (Photo courtesy RMNP)

Rock Cut, Trail Ridge Road (Photo courtesy RMNP)

Rock Cut, Trail Ridge Road (Photo courtesy RMNP)

Rock Cut, Trail Ridge Road (Photo courtesy RMNP)


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4 replies

  1. The original chill!
    We’ve only got the hot, watery version.
    Yours is prettier ( and both tolerable if one doesn’t have to get out in those roads).

  2. We were the first car thru the gate when it opened on May 29, 2016. Just happened to be in the right spot at the right time when the rangers were unlocking the gate.

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