Trail Ridge Road scheduled to open tomorrow

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  1. That’s about 4000 ft higher than Australia’s highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko, we only have ‘Pimples on a Pumpkin” compared to the Americas and Asia, I suppose you can throw in Europe and Antarctica too. :'(

  2. The lovely high-elevation snow brought back memories of shocked expressions when flatlanders phoned me at the Boise National Forest asking when our campgrounds opened. They refused to believe that some often weren’t ready for use until late June.

    1. High country is a whole different world. I still remember my surprise and delight as a child when we were up here (from Oklahoma) on vacation one summer and found a patch of snow up on Trail Ridge. Not to mention the very mushy, often snow-covered hiking trails I’ve encountered in June.

  3. Friday, 1030 mdt, not opening today per EP News. Rangers reported whiteout conditions & temp of 24 degrees, with winds between 20 & 30. Not the best opening day conditions. But what cemented it was ” road conditions are treacherous with extreme ice.” As much as i love that road…. Maybe tomorrow!!

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