AP delegate counts not the last word on party nominees

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  1. Very good point, PT. The irony of it is, however, that anyone who actually follows politics in a thinking way knows that the nominees are not officially chosen until the party convention. The mis-direction only affects the others. Which is probably the majority. Alas. There wouldn’t be much damage in a normal election year but this one sure ain’t. Alas again.

    1. Pretty sad, considering most high schools present the basics of how our election system works. And although some things have changed over the years, primaries have always been about electing a slate of delegates.

    1. I remember when our system worked like I was taught in school. But it gradually changed and the Citizens United decision put the last nail in the coffin. Trump’s election, if it happens, will be the dirt on the coffin.

  2. Every station radio and tv in Australia broadcast the news that Hillary Clinton had won and was the Democrats nominee for POTUS, Full Stop as we say Period as you say!

    Had I have not read your post on the subject yesterday, I’d have believed them that it was all over and Bernie had gone home!

    1. Would be so nice if it were all over. I’m sick of the whole thing. But the nominess aren’t officially the nominees until their respective conventions vote. And that can get pretty wild sometimes, with rule changes before the voting, etc. Bernie probably will go home now, but I haven’t been watching the news that closely.

      It’s important to note that the AP didn’t poll the pledged delegates from the states. They polled the superdelegates, party insiders who aren’t elected by anyone and who are free to vote any way they want at the convention.

      1. That seems wrong somehow. Thank goodness we don’t have to go through all of what you’re going through, we’re going to the polls here on 2nd July, we always knew who the party leaders were going to be and the vast majority of Australian voters know already who they will vote for.

        The pollies are out on the hustings trying their damndest to get the undecideds, most of whom will vote for greens or independants, then it goes to preferences, we have a preferential system to complicate things more, along with our “you gotta vote” ways.

        My hope is that the murdock muck press will go bottom up along with the other ratbag media and we will be allowed to get a fair vote, ie the people I want not to lose.

        Nobody wins in Australian politics; only lose and the mob that loses most gets shunted and we get the smallest loser. Sounds complicated and odd? Yes but it can be fun XD

  3. Well said. People are feeling more and more their opinions/vote jus doesn’t count and it’s all been decided…which is what both parties want the public to think: “Just let us pick for you – We know what is best” Gag

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