I trust this woman

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  1. Perhaps Hillary should get down on her knees and beg her to share the ticket for VP. I’ve always liked this woman since first seeing her a few years back,she’s not afraid to look the truth in the eye. Make a damned fine President of the United States of America. Probably bring some credibility back to the country at the same time!

    1. Yeah ol Warren is the real deal…Trump is a phony? She of the Indian Heritage (not)! Claiming said to land a cushy Ivy League teaching gig all based on bullshit…is that the best we have to idolize? My goodness, the king is dead, long live the king…

      1. You’d be surprised (or shocked) at how many people with Oklahoma roots, given the state’s history, think they have Native American blood. They grow up thinking that because their parents told them, and their parents before them. Most never stop to look for actual documentation (assuming it even exists) unless they’re trying to get onto the tribal roles. Did she deliberately lie to Harvard to get her job there? According to Harvard Law School Professor Laurence H. Tribe, who voted to tenure Warren and was also involved in recruiting her, “Elizabeth Warren’s heritage had absolutely no role in the decision to recruit her to Harvard Law School,”

    1. I’d not even noticed it till you mentioned it. Using background music of any kind is always a gamble as to whether it will add to or distract from the message. Personally I’d play it safe and not include music.

    1. I’d like to see her on the ticket, but Clinton might not want her sharing the spotlight when the first woman president is elected. Or might think an all-female ticket would repel some voters. On the other hand, she’s played the gender card so often that maybe another woman is the perfect choice. And it could help launch Warren’s presidential campaign in 2020, if she wanted to run.

      1. I don’t see Warren doing the delicate diplomatic tiptoeing around that would sometimes be necessary. She calls a spade a spade, and that might be too blunt in some situations.

      2. From what I hear, they’ve been meeting/talking. I’d love to see Warren to nose-to-nose with Trump, but unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the match-up in debates. I have concerns that a lot of America isn’t ready for a both a female President and Vice President… but Hillary and Warren together would really do some severe damage to Trump.

      3. Of the two women, I think Warren would shred Trump. Clinton not so much because she’s so scripted. I agree, one woman at a time. Warren can run when Clinton’s done. Trump’s doing a pretty good job of burying himself … but I’m not sure how many voters get that, or care. And that worries me, a lot.

      4. Slowly I think more people are catching on to Trump. He may have been a “breath of fresh air” away from the politicians, but after they’ve listened long enough, they’ve started seeing the bullshit. I also have a feeling that a lot of people that follow him are actually going to go out and vote for him. Not sure why I think that, but I do.

      5. That’s exactly what I’m afraid of … a lot of ill-informed, angry voters voting for an ill-informed, angry candidate. I hope enough of his followers will realize what a wingnut he truly is and back away before November. I don’t want to see half of America googling “What kind of president will Trump be?” the day after the election.

    1. It strikes me as a fair assessment. Warren has been going after Wall Street bigtime, and they need going after. Banking regulations need to be strengthened to prevent the abuses we’ve seen in the last decade. And I agree that Hillary isn’t likely to want a VP who might outshine her and/or undercut her position with her Wall Street backers.

      1. To be honest, I had to google the name. I don’t really know anything about her but have a lot of respect for our female senators as a group. It takes gumption to get into the old white boys club in the first place, and a tough, smart woman to stay and work there.

        But, as with Warren, I think another woman on the ticket would lose more votes than it gained.

      2. Oops, I guess I missed that little (R) thing after her name. A woman v.p. would be a smart countermove for Trump, as long as it isn’t Sarah Palin. It needs to be someone more moderate, I think.

        Can’t see Hillary picking Sanders, or him agreeing to it, but if it would consolidate the two camps, it would be good for the Dems.

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