Patrick Stewart becomes ‘England’s premier cowboy singer’

16 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart becomes ‘England’s premier cowboy singer’”

    1. “Entertaining” might not have been the best word. “Weird,” “amusing,” and “odd” also come to mind. “Attention-getting” is probably the intent.

    1. It’s not as bad as you might expect, but singing certainly isn’t his forte. It might be intended to be a fundraiser but if so, it misses the mark by quit a bit. It seems more a spoof than anything else. But why?

      1. Well, she’s wife #3. I’d really prefer wealthy celebrity men not make a habit of marrying arm candy. It’s something I’d prefer not to see in my favorite stars, but it seems very common.

  1. The formal stage gestures, the horned helmets. Does anyone else have the feeling they saw this in one of those “modern” ie set somewhere wierd in another culture and time, version of Hamlet?

    1. It does smack of that sort of thing, doesn’t it? But then, Stewart has Shakesperian training. It took me while to accept him as Jean Luc Picard. This, however, is just ridiculous. And I think (hope) it’s supposed to be.

  2. 😀 …. When I read this and watched a bit of this it was so out of context in my mind for someone like Patrick Stewart I couldn’t even connect the dots. I thought… “Who is this guy and why is he singing all those good ole Americana songs?”

    Then when I realized who it was, I fell over laughing. Not because I thought it was totally ridiculous but because I hadn’t realized who it really was!! 🙂 Always been a fan and contrary to perhaps other opinions expressed here, was impressed with yet another one of his many talents. Spoof or not, thanks for sharing and way to go Patrick!!

    Have to mention, Patrick starred on one of the Frazier episodes portraying a gay man and it was in my opinion one of the best Frazier episodes ever!! 🙂

    1. I love Stewart too. My son told me who it was when he sent me the video. Pretty bizarre, isn’t it? I’ve learned most actors can, when necessary, manage to sing half way decently. But they can afford coaches. It still surprises me when it happens (I can’t carry a tune in a basket.) I laughed all the way through it. So I have to hope it’s a spoof. Wouldn’t want to laugh at Sir Patrick if he’s being serious.

      Wish I’d seen that Frazier episode. I’ll bet it was memorable.

      1. Such fun seeing Frazier again! Stewart was perfect in the role. Certainly fit it better than the cowboy thing, which still leaves me a bit incredulous.

  3. Gotta remember English humor is a bit different– Benny Hill anyone?– but in one way, Sir Patrick might be considered a Cowboy due to his lengthy career here on both coasts (Broadway and TV/films). Some still think of all the US as the “Wild West” – just as some think all in England have tea and crumpets every afternoon 😉 Actually, i was thinking that he, having been Capt. Jean-luc Picard, handily outshone the “singing” William Shatner, our infamous Capt. James T. Kirk…. An original performance for charity – a good thing. (But it really, really, really makes me appreciate our legendary/traditional country/cowboy singers so much more now!)

    1. He’s no Frankie Laine, that’s for sure. It’s not that he’s that bad; it’s just that he seems so out of character … and overly dramatic in places. But apparently it’s for one of his favorite charities, so I can forgive. Otherwise, with the exception of a few Monty Python skits, I’m not a big fan of English humor.

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