Bear cam revisited

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      1. I took that screenshot at close to midnight MST. Still haven’t figured out for sure what the daylight hours are for the bears or what time zone they’re in.

    1. Yikes, hope I didn’t jinx it. I just looked — 8 am MST — and there’s not a bear in sight. Some salmon still jumping, and a bunch of ducks (?) trying to swim upstream, but no bears.

      Just followed a link and found a page that shows several different camera views, including the above, and shows the local time and temperature when you first land there.

      1. I was looking at the cam yesterday morning which would have been about 3:30 am at the falls and could actually make out the image of a bear standing in the water just below the falls. I was quite surprised. I didn’t realize they would feed on Salmon at night which would indicate they have excellent night vision.

      2. I’d wondered if they kept at it 24/7 or just fed in the morning or whatever. Best they hunt while the hunting is good since the run doesn’t last forever.

        I keep thinking what amazing coats they must have if they can stand in that icy water for hours at a time.

  1. In case you didn’t catch it, your bears made the national news last night. Bear cam video showed three cubs being swept over the falls. The mother, who was stalking fish at the time sees what’s happening, makes her way down the falls and downstream and rescues the three cubs from the water. Pretty cool… 🙂

    1. Oh no, I missed that. I’ve been watching that family off and on for several weeks because the cubs are so cute and I think it’s a bit unusual for a mom to have three. I’ve been worried that the third cub, notably smaller than the others, might not survive, but so far he seems to be doing fine. Mom’s been very attentive.

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