Ugly Americans

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    1. I know this element has always been with us, but Trump has emboldened them and It’s frightening. Mobs like this are capable of just about anything.

      1. I’m familiar with their socioeconomic history and background. But a mob is a mob no matter who is in it. And angry mobs like this are dangerous.

  1. Not at all surprising to see the “white trash” element spouting filth. Fortunately, the numbers of trash in the U.S. have been declining for years, and most forecasters say that trend will continue.

  2. The urge to draw conclusions from sound-bites and unique events is almost irresistible, thus, confirmation bias. I would prefer to think, as blogger AFrankAngle often says, that the majority of Americans are good people, video clips like this one not withstanding. It is sobering, however. We are always seeking perfection in our politicians and that will never be found. Now, the test of our form of government is whether the electorate can distinguish between one with mere human flaws and one who is entirely unfit.

    1. I too prefer to think that the majority of Americans are good people. I just hope every one of them votes in November because it’s a cinch these vulgar louts will. I don’t seek perfection in my candidates, but I do insist they be reasonably competent, knowledgable, thoughtful, and capable of restraint.

      1. The majority of Americans are decent people. Sadly, some people are retarded. Much of this has to do with poverty and poor socialization. Sadly, like begets like.

        The media is to blame for much of the coverage of Donald Trump. He is the bad boy in the classroom many otherwise well-behaved kids laugh at. Because he flouts social norms, laughed at for years as “middle class values” ( beginning after WWII with French New Wave cinema, or at Woodstock?) some people think they “like” him. Others have more sense of common decency.

      2. I agree the media created and maintains/feeds this monster. He’s fed off the publicity for years. It stokes his narcissistic need for attention. I particularly blame the media for not doing their due diligence and proper investigative reporting on him last year. If they had revealed then all his bankruptcies, law suits, non-payment of bills, jobs sent overseas, etc., he likely never would have been nominated in the first place. Meantime, where are his tax returns? …

      3. Check out John Oliver’s monologue on the press. You can find it on ‘Time goes by’. Blog link on my blog. (‘Interesting stuff’. Yesterday). Ultimately, The buck stops with us.

      4. I spent my working years in publishing and have been painfully aware of the problems and transitions in publishing. For those interested in Oliver’s take on newspapers, it’s available on YouTube as well as on Ronni Bennett’s Time Goes By, where I commented:

        I graduated college in 1965 with a degree in journalism. Even then back then I was derided for choosing an “easy” major.

        Today it seems most major media outlets (print or electronic) are owned and controlled by the wealthiest few, and the rules for reporting have become “if it bleeds it leads,” “don’t get it right, just get it first,” and “always promote the corporate political position.” There seems to be more concern for cowtowing to corporate owners and advertisers than for what the public needs and deserves (not necessarily what it wants). Great impartial investigative journalism — where?

        To those in the business who are still trying to be ethical, honest, and impartial (usually local markets), I say thank you. But I’ve disowned the rest. To me they no longer deserve to be called journalists. The mainstream media are biased, often proudly so, and it sickens me to see examples of it every day. I’m glad I’m out of the business.

      5. However, the Washington Post is a very credible news outlet and the new owner Jeff Bezos a special ‘hands off’ owner, much like the Graham family (previous owners). Also PBS news is quite good.

      6. Since the Gitgo, or at least the French Revolution, comedy has always been left of center. Right wing humor is generally not funny and even cruel at times. (Example: the film, ‘Thank you for not smoking.’)

  3. Did you see “Natural Born Killers?” The opening scene (with Rodney Dangerfield) foreshadowed this. And Family Guy. And cyberbullying. And road rage. And more.

    1. No, but my suspicion is most of these yahoos think they have some sort of right to do this because they put up with a black president for 8 years. It’s their turn now. Or something like that.

    1. That sounds about right. Mostly young, white, poorly educated is a common descripton of them in the press. It’s especially disturbing to see some women in there, too. The whole thing sickens me.

      1. They feel disenfranchised, I’m sure. But Republicans won’t help them, at least not hose who support DT. Read White Trash by Nancy Isenberg. They don’t sicken me, they just make me sad.

      2. Superrich Trump doesn’t care one iota about helping the poor or lower middle class. I can’t imagine why they support him (other than, by example, he sanctions their rude, vulgar, angry behavior). But then maybe all they hope to get from him is a return to the good ol’ days when when white males were dominant in our society (and minorities and women were subservient). I should clarify, it’s only their behavior that sickens me. They can think and feel anything they want, but it doesn’t excuse their behavior.

    2. I think you mean the soccer matches not the Rugby, I think you’ll find that the Rugby followers are an entirely different breed.

      Compared to the soccer players Rugby players are very poorly paid, in fact it has only been in the recent past that they actually started to receive payment for their efforts, they were all amateurs playing for the love of the game, and Rugby followers appreciate agood game regardless of who wins, who loses.

      The soccer fans on the other hand make me ashamed of my heritage.

      As an aside; I never played soccer when growing up in England, only Rugby.

      1. You know, I read right over “rugby” and in my mind saw “soccer,” I suspect because we’re now into our third generation of soccer players in my family (my ex, son, and both grandkids). I don’t know anything about rugby fans but soccer is indeed plagued with hooligans (in Europe, at least). Never thought of you as a rugby player. Good on ya!

      2. Played Rugby, not Rugby league, for 4 years as a young man, Full back believe it or not.
        My son played league which is a wimps game compared to the real game, however both Rugby & Rugby League fans are usually very well behaved

      3. It used to be that way, Rugby Union went professional 10/20 years ago, but nowhere near the money that the League players receive , (wouldnt pay the tax on a Yankee gridiron players tax for a week),
        Rugby Union is the ‘Gentlemans’ football game, started at the prestigious college in, you’ve guessed it Rugby, England. Hence the R gets capitalized by certain members of the community including me as you probably noticed. And the game has retained it’s gentlemany manners by both the players and the supporters, strange really it’s a much tougher game, which probably isn’t so strange really :/

      4. Yes, I realized I meant Soccer hooligans after I wrote it. Too bad, my grandsons are avid soccer players. Their dad busted his body playing rugby.

        England isn’t the only place with hooligans. Besides, Britain Sent most of her hooligans elsewhere in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. A few of them are in my family tree. 😉

      5. I’ve seen news reports about the hooligans in Europe. I don’t remember exactly where. We have a professional team here in Denver and it’s a very family friendly environment. Lot of kids in the crowd.

      6. The English, not brits – we are English Scots Irish or Welsh- do not look on the Dutch as cousins; we do however look upon you Yankees as such but if you continue referring to us as brits in my presence then we shall have to have a rethink 😈

        The exceedingly bad behaviour to which you refer occured in France (where else?) during the recently held European Cup, The Nice disaster also occured during this event.


      7. My ex broke his leg playing soccer. Refs were playing a pick-up game between the kids’ games at a tournament. He wasn’t wearing shin guards since he was a ref. Got kicked and broke both bones in his lower leg. Took about 6 months to heal.

      8. And there are quite a few of the descendants of the rogues living here in Sydney who now form the base of Australia’s ‘A’ list society,

        Glad I’m just a £10.0.0 Pom!


      9. After the end of WWII, Australia was in desperate need of migrants, and as they had what was know as the ‘White Australia Policy’ they started a drive to get as many English, Scottish, Irish & Welsh to migrate, and as an inducement the intending migrants had only to pay £10 towards the cost of their travel and resettlement in Oz,
        This £10 was only payable for the father and mother, a charge of £5 was made for the first child in the family, the rest travelled for free. I being the second and my sister being the third we came to Australia for nothing.
        There was one family on the ship that we came on had 9 or 10 children so they were laughing all the way..

        The English, not the Scots , Welsh or Irish, are always referred to as Pom’s or Pommy’s in Australia, some believe it came from the convict days when the lags were know as ‘Prisoners of Mother England’ P.O.M.E.

        The ‘White Australia Policy’ was abandoned by Malcolm Fraser a Liberal Party PM from 1975-83, more famously remembered in Australia for what we know as the “Memphis Trouser Affair” which is highly amusing for the leader of a country.

        I don’t know how the Yanks would take it had it been their President.

        You can read about it here and have a chuckle; Malcolm wont mind he died last year. XD

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