Vote early, vote often


Here’s the poll you’ve all been waiting for. Breathlessly, no doubt. Pied Type’s presidential preference poll for 2016. This will give my readers, all five of them, plenty of time to vote before the real election in November. Also, anyone else who is interested, feel free to jump right in. Australian, Canadian, English, anyone with an interest in who becomes the next American president. You needn’t be a registered US voter to vote here.

Votes are confidential. Neither I nor anyone else will know how you vote. And in an effort to do things a little differently this year, assuming I’ve set this up correctly, you can vote once a week until the real voting closes on Election Day, November 8.

So pull up your keyboard and start stuffing this ballot box. And feel free to comment below (politely, of course) in support of your candidate.



25 thoughts on “Vote early, vote often

  1. My mind is libertarian but my heart is subsidized. I have Medicare and Medicaid, but I still want to vote for Johnson who being an American Libertarian Party guy would want to do away with Socialized Anything. Doesn’t he?

  2. Pleasing to see the zero backing for Trump so far. It reaffirms my belief that posts and most comments here reflect common sense and respect for others (traits noticeably lacking in the Donald).

      1. I’ve been on the winning side it’s just that the candidate that I vote for has always lost, excepting for the very last time when I voted on the 2nd July, for the first time ever the bloke I voted for got in with an increased majority. Probably my vote as I’m new to this electorate XD

          1. She sounds like a arrogant I’m-better-than-you know-it-all. That’s my impression anyway. And then on top of that she broke the law and did time.

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