Trump proves what a vulgar pig he is

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    1. It did occur to me that pigs might be offended, and I apologize for that. But misogynist just didn’t sound bad enough to express my utter disgust. I think we need to invent a whole new word to encapsulate everything this disgusting creature represents.

  1. I’m sure I’ve flushed better more useful excrement down the lavatory, than this creature. An abomination and insult to men.

    Perhaps Mrs Clinton can bring this up somehow during the next debate, for all those that will have missed this verbal garbage fom this creature of slime!

    1. The next debate is Sunday night, two days away. I can’t imagine that anyone in the country will not have heard this by then. Surely Clinton will find a way to bring it up (or, better, just let the moderator bring it up) … and it will be interesting to see him try to defend the indefensible.

      1. Is moderator going to ask her if she eats McDonald’s double cheeseburgers to spite Bill in perpetuity over the notorious bj of that century?

      2. I dunno whether they’ll play it straight or try to provoke certain responses. Certainly we know Trump is easily provoked. Clinton is a bit more disciplined but is likely to just spout rehearsed responses. I discount any references to Bill; he’s not the candidate.

  2. He hates women. Everything about him is ugly. He believes that women have only low motives where men are concerned and are interested only in a man’s money. Since he seems to be rich, women will put up with anything from him, he believes, and he can take his revenge on the female sex by doing gross sexual things to them. He is actually a very uninteresting kind of sex offender. I worked with sex offenders in a prison, and a lot of them were nicer than Trump and not as repulsive. They were unable to “get away with it” because they were mostly poor and non-white.

    1. I agree that everything about him is ugly. This tape just shows how deep it really goes. What’s most appalling to me is how many people are willing to support someone like this. Even if they really, really hate Hillary, I don’t see how they can support someone as unbalanced as Trump.

    1. Like you, I’m a bit more hopeful now than I was. I would hope now to see him drop like a rock in the polls. No matter how much one might hate Hillary, I can’t imagine thinking a vote for Trump would help the situation.

    2. Less than one month. I shall receive my mail-in ballot soon, then. Meanwhile, California, this time, we’re gone a bit mad for the legislation-by-the-populace thing, again. My votes? Erm, I wish to be fiscally conservative and socially pragmatic.

      1. I think my mail-in ballot gets sent to me on the 17th. I see no choice but to hold my nose and vote for Clinton. I do wish both parties would come back to more moderate stances on everything, including nominating more moderate candidates. But it’s too late for that this year.

  3. I’ve settled on writing my name in. The internet told me about 4 weeks ago that of the 50 states there are only 3 in which one may not do likewise. Trump: pig. Clinton: disingenuous. Stein: crazy. Johnson: too eccentric. Others: f__k off and stop interfering. Me: non-pragmatic but resolute and relaxed and serene for it I think.

    1. Late last night I began seeing conversations among Republicans about going with a write-in candidate (Pence mentioned most often) rather than vote for Trump. I’ve heard worse ideas. I don’t know any other way for them to get around Trump and still vote for a Republican for president. As for writing in my own name … that won’t help ensure Trump’s defeat, and that is my primary objective.

  4. If only we could discover that he paid off an accuser of rape. Or discover multiple sexual assault victims. Or discover that his wife tried to ruin them. Like Hillary and her husband. Then we wouldn’t seem like hypocrites.

    1. I can’t say for sure, but I think if my husband had been involved with other women and I decided to stay with him, I’d attack them, viciously, for having gotten involved with him.

      As for discovering multiple sexual assualts, isn’t his admission of one more than enough? How many more would it take for you to decide he’s a predatory misogynist?

      I’m no saint, but I don’t feel the least bit hypocritical for attacking him.

  5. What I remember is DEMOCRATS saying that his personal life had no effect on his political life.

    I didn’t listen to the latest Trump outrage, but my impression is that it was just talk and no action. Bill aggressively assaulted a variety of women multiple times.

    I wouldn’t vote for him if he were the second coming of Christ and the same goes for that lying Hillary.

    1. Well I’m not a Democrat and his personal life & transgressions matter a lot to me.

      Decades ago when I was young and very naive, I believed a public official’s private life had (or should have) no bearing on his public political life. That was a long time ago. A public official’s private life is a very good indicator of the kind of person he or she is. What you do when you think no one is watching says a great deal about who you really are.

  6. And yet, you and others (after knowing she lied to congress and then had her tech support people [who plead the 5th to avoid future prosecution] attempt to hide her lies by deleting files and scrubbing the server with bleach blocker) are okay with Hillary.

    It boggles the mind,.

    1. I’m not okay with Hillary and I’m certainly not okay with her whole email debacle. I’ve made that clear in previous posts and comments. What truly boggles my mind is that so many Americans would actually vote for instead of against a person as erratic as Donald Trump.

  7. It is offensive, but seriously anyone who hasn’t dealt with this type of stuff ( even after time has passed) has either had a very sheltered life, be surrounded by extrememly religious people, not worked in big buisness at all, been to a movie, watched tv (“Oh, it’s a script about street life”), listened/read to music lyrics or rap songs, gone to a night club/bar with drunk men around, listened to reality tv shows, listened to what major sports figures/NBA NFL, (and all the others) athletes – not one word by anyone for years about how offensive and degrading language is used in reference to women.
    Almost all former presidents have cursed and been caught making lewd comments. Men in a bunch are basically crude when they are trying to impress each other and think no one will find out.
    Hillary has a pretty foul (Well documented from Arkansas to Whilte House) mouth at times.
    So yawn on this
    What botters me is that petty crap is being pushed out front constantly. Tired of all the tattletale, the rich celebrity endorsements (many young people are going “Who?”), and derogatory name calling instead of issues and platform plans.
    Gag. THIS is what we have to choose from? – or throw your vote away.
    Don’t worry – there’s hope: in 2 1/2 years who ever wins will start campaigning for re-election and we’ll get all this crap all over again.

    1. As I’ve said before, Washington is a cesspool.

      You think we’ll have as much as 2 1/2 years before the campaigning starts again? I’d pretty much decided they all campaign all the time in one way or another. Their very lucrative, prestigious jobs are on the line. Their political decisions are heavily influenced by their big donors, either current ones or those whose support they court. Their constituents are an afterthought.

      The election is less than a month away. Some people are already voting. And we’ve yet to hear the candidates discuss in much detail their plans for the country. Hillary just says check her website. Trump just says “Trust me. It’ll be great. I guarantee.”

      gag … is right!

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