Highway 34 into Estes Park closing Monday

9 thoughts on “Highway 34 into Estes Park closing Monday”

  1. YEA! About time – such damage! Parts of some roads were stillscary.
    We were surprise how much road construction was going on all around the area on the back roads last summer. Added a bit to the travel times, we had to constantly be checking what routes were going to be affected and when But didn’t complain a bit about waiting to take turns alternating lanes in some areas. Just glad crews were making use of good weather to fix wht they could.

    1. Brave of you to go through an area with so much construction and delay. I haven’t driven through that canyon since I just missed the ’76 flood there. Was leaving Estes and exited via the canyon. The flood swept through later the same day. It’s all the reason I need to avoid that road, but then, it’s not the most direct route for me anyway.

      1. I never linger in canyons. They’re a necessary evil if you’re heading for the high country, but I keep moving. I would never rent or buy a place in a canyon, or any place I knew had flooded. There are too many alternatives to take the chance. Yes, those mountain streams look and sound wonderful, but they can turn on you so fast …

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