Another whole week? Noooo!


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  1. You’re not kidding. That b.s. that came out about the laptop/emails/Weiner/etc was nothing more than a GOP ploy as they know Hillary is a front-runner. I’m not a conspiracy theorist and don’t read too much into extreme or controversial actions made by either party, but I believe 100% that the GOP pushed – and pushed hard – to have this b.s announced. I’m so sick of the email controversy that I couldn’t even read through all the details. My mind is made up on who I’m voting for and I don’t think Hillary is guilty of a damn thing with her emails. If something had occurred during her time as Secretary, it’d be different. But nothing happened. GOP trying to pin Benghazi on her, but I know that’s also b.s. She may have made some bad decisions, but everyone does and her bad decisions are nothing when looking at the entire scope of wrongs that could happen.

    Anyway, just one more week.

    • Although it certainly looks like it, I don’t think Comey’s letter was GOP-driven, since he’s the one who let Hillary off the hook when her emails were previously investigated. That just makes this recent revelation all the more puzzling. He said he did it because if he hadn’t, and something negative turned up after the election, he’d be accused of having withheld the info in order to help Hillary win. But releasing a letter when he didn’t know anything was a bad move too. And apparently broke some agency rules too. He’s toast regardless of how the election turns out.

  2. AND THE WINNER IS: either a Democrat or a Republican. Gee, whoda thunk?

    • That’s about the only thing we’ll know for sure after election day (barring another Bush v. Gore debacle). The questions raised during this endless campaign are probably going to be kicked around for many months to come.

  3. Pity it’s not like our Cup Day, Always the FIRST Tuesday in November, It’d be over now, except California still has a bit to go as does Hawai’i. and the nail biting begun

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