Trail Ridge Road still open in RMNP; free admission Friday

4 thoughts on “Trail Ridge Road still open in RMNP; free admission Friday”

  1. Why is this day known as Veterans Day in the US; and in all other coontries that were involved in the Great War as Armistice Day?

    It was the first of the global wars, and It strikes me as being the right thing, for all countries involved to commemorate this day under the one name; as Armistice Day is the original I do believe that is what it should be called by all the nations.

    1. It was late when I got around to looking it up. As I undersood it, we didn’t exactly change the name, we just added another name to the date. The reasoning was that Armistice Day was intended to honor those who fought in WWI, and we wanted to honor ALL veterans. So while Nov. 11 is still Armistice Day, it’s also Veterans Day, and we celebrate the latter. Or something like that.

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