Jon Stewart weighs in on election

Jon Stewart finally speaks about the election, the president-elect, and the nation. How I missed his wisdom, insight, and sense of humor during the endless campaign!

Categories: Election 2016, video content

6 replies

  1. Well unfortunately this video is not available in Australia, so I’ll have to take your word for it. Tried getting it a couple of times but wont open.

  2. Thanks for posting this, PT. I was impressed with Stewart’s insight about how unique and difficult it is for America to be what it is, an unnatural government over a multi-cultural population. As he said, natural is tribal, and of course with Trump’s election, that is what we seem to be reverting to.

    • While I understand Stewart’s moving on from The Daily Show after15 years, I sure have missed him, particularly during the recent campaign and election. He’s very intelligent, very knowledgeable, and always homed in on the important points. And he took to task those who needed it. He’d have had his hands full during these last 18 months.

      “Tribal” is so typical of his analyses. It’s going to be tough to reunite our “tribes,” if in fact they ever truly were.

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