R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore

RIP Mary Tyler Moore


December 29, 1936 – January 25, 2017

Rest in Peace

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  1. I just replied to Virginia Fair on FB, to her note on MTM. Mary has obviously touched so many of us!

  2. Mary provided a pattern for a new reality and life possible for women. Her show quietly broke so many traditional strangle holds. She prepared young career women for the obstacles they were going to hit – and provided a script and pattern of behavior to get past it. All with a smile. As she said in one interview, with comedy you can make change in society without lecturing them. So smart.
    I actually used to think, “What would Mary do in this situation…and usually remember some show where she face a similar problem.
    Didn’t need no stinkin’ hat – tossed caution and hat to the winds. (Can you imagine an episode where Mary Richards is handed one of those knitted pink kitty hats? ..no doubt she’d giggle a little awkwardly, crookedly put it on, then quietly place it in her desk after the person left.She would have done it with such class.)
    Pink – the traditional color of little girls as determined by stereotype and tradition. Hello Kitty. Cutesy. Formed by the womanly art of knitting. (interesting history about the phrase “attend/stick to your knitting” which has often been directed to women in the past. http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/238941/origin-of-stick-to-your-knitting. )
    Hat named with the same word that women found offensive. Less “I am woman hear me roar” than “I am little girl, hear me giggle”
    Sorry I digress. March yes, Speak up, yes. As a grown woman with knowledge and skills. In little kitty cat, no. We can and must do better .
    May the force and wisdom of Mary Tyler Moore always be with us!

  3. Yesterday (Jan 29) the over-the-air free channel ME TV (i call it antique tv) ran 3 hours of MTM, beginning with the 1st episode & ending with the last. I heard parts, but didn’t get to watch them. Evenso, that last scene where the WJM staff marched out singing “It’s a Long Way to Tipperari”- followed by Mary coming back alone to turn off the lights– made me tear up. Have seen it a number of times, but the finality in this showing made it ever so much more sad 😦

    Kinda neat the way this station plays special memorial episodes when a well-known actor passes, but i am starting to cringe when i hear the particular snippet of piano they play while showing “in memory of xxx actor, 1234 -2017”

    • I didn’t watch religiously enough to remember all the episodes, but I’ll never forget how she was always upbeat, cheerful, optimistic. She had spunk — which her boss, Lou Asner, hated. And that smile … I’ll never forget that smile.

  4. Laura Petrie was my first real love. Maybe not the actual first, but real nonetheless.

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