Teeniest, tiniest origami cranes

Tiny origami crane by David Kawai (Photo: David Kawai)

Tiny origami crane by David Kawai (Photo: David Kawai)

David Kawai, a photojournalist in Ottawa, Canada, makes what surely must be the world’s tiniest origami cranes. Unless someone else has extremely tiny hands or uses tweezers, or maybe pins and a microscope. Kawai, however, uses only his bare hands (and fingernails) and about 45 minutes.

I am fascinated by tiny things, and these cranes absolutely blow my mind.

More pictures (by David Kawai, of course) and a description of his process can be found on Bored Panda.

And for doubters, here’s timelapse proof:

Categories: art/design, video content

6 replies

  1. these are amazing. i am also a lover of tiny things and these cranes are stunning. thank you for sharing this )

  2. I had to go on You Tube to see this, amazing and fascinating, but surely his wife could find something more important for him to do, I know mine could/would

  3. I’m with LordBeariOfBow on this one! But maybe it serves some purpose, calms his mind, or at least keeps him out of trouble!

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