Miller, phone conversations, grand jury …

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  1. When I saw him, Miller, I thought the very same thing plus oh oh “here comes trouble.” He is a frighteningly cold man. I can’t even imagine where all this will be in three plus years. I keep saying, I’m glad I’m old and lived in the time frame I did.

    1. I’m old too and we’re still living in our respective time frames. I hate that they include the likes of Trump and Miller. Maybe we’ll live long enough to see someone truly wonderful become president … if we survive the next 3 1/2 years.

  2. With any sort of luck, we will be rid of turnbull, before you get rid of trump. The way our system works he may well have to call a General Election sooner rather than later, and the way things are going, I’m hopeful that the ALP will win the next easily.

      1. He’s a self made multi millionaire banker, nuff said?
        He was once a left wing leaning bloke but when it became obvious he would never get to lead the Australian Labor Party, our left wing party, of which I’m a paid up card carrying member 😀 he switched to the right wing who let him be the boss. A complete liar and hypocrite, switched sides just so that he could become Prime Minister of Australia. Makes me want to throw up! 👿

      2. Hmm, he sounds a lot like another national leader I know, except the one I”m thinking of got a huge headstart from his wealthy daddy.

    1. Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that. Wouldn’t be good. Actually, I’ve been more concerned about what would happen if Pence became president. Scary to think that either situation could be worse than the insanity we’re living with now.

      1. Looming over all of that, of course, is the fear that Trump and his big, ignorant mouth will start a real live shooting war complete with blood and death.

    1. It’s like creatures from the black lagoon. I wonder who else is in there besides Miller, Conway, and Bannon.

      I doubt the renovation will satisfy Trump. It’s not going to transform the historic old White House into a Trump Tower penthouse.

  3. They are building the wall in the wrong place.
    A mandatory session of congress should be called and rumors of big policy/money changes should be spread so all the major political party people and lobbyist would surge in too – then slam the gate shut, cut the internet, radio signals and let none of them out – ever. Things would be a lot more pleasant and run better with just local level decisions.
    Gads what a circus – but same story every time…I think there’s songs about that.

    1. Yep, I’ve often thought all the legislators from both parties should be locked in a room together, with no outside communcations, and put on a diet of bread and water until they produce some intelligent bipartisan legislation that addresses the nation’s problems. And lock the president in there too to make sure he signs the legislation. But no spin doctors, policy wonks, advisors, counselors, lobbyists, communications directors, spokespersons, (ie, non-elected personnel).

      1. They do that when electing Popes? Yep, lock them up together until it’s done
        Outraged that they are too busy going on Aug vacation when so much needs to be done – and all of them complain about so much about serious things not getting done…on their way to the airport….Regular people/families can’t skip out when work is incomplete 🙁

      2. So true. They should have to stay in DC until the job is done. And if that means no vacation, well, hey, it’s happened to all of us.

  4. I’ve been having such a hard time keeping up on the White House news now. I missed all this. I hear bits and pieces. Trump is sinking and that’s all I care to know.

    1. Youv’e got to be a real news junkie to keep up with it all, and I just don’t have the stomach for it anymore. I get whiplash just following the headlines.

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