Ah, safe in Mommy’s arms …

(It’s a GIF. Wait for it to load … )

It's a GIF. Wait for it to load ...

9 thoughts on “Ah, safe in Mommy’s arms …

  1. I can just imagine (later) his look of incredulity when she tries to convince him that the goop is supposed to make her more attractive – “It’s like those brussel sprouts sweety. Really nasty things can be good for you!”

  2. Oh, anything for fame – scare the kid (always good for clicks! HAHA)
    Now if she had let him finger play in the goop and help slather it on – that would be something…she could call it a developmental educational activity, right? Hide and Seek perhaps…..or maybe my best guess what aliens look like? Halloween costume practice?
    Ok, I’ll be quiet….

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