My new hero

In Ventura County, Calif., with the Thomas Fire raging just feet away, a man pulled over to rescue a frightened wild rabbit. Remarkably, he succeeded. Wish I could give him a hug.


Categories: Culture, video content

18 replies

  1. I’ve just seen this on our evening news and it was the only bit of feel good news

  2. He was hopping just as much as the rabbit, which I would too with the flames being on feet away.

  3. I saw this too and made me see there are good kind people out there. I wish the news would tell more stories about these kind of things and helping people too and maybe there wouldn’t be so much hate in the world

  4. NIcest piece of news in weeks. What a good heart.

  5. I saw the footage, but here they never said what the animal was. Makes you believe there is some good still around.

  6. to save even one living thing in that horrid fire was beautiful

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