Thank you, Alabama

Alabama Senator-elect Doug Jones and his wife Louise
Alabama Senator-elect Doug Jones and his wife Louise

Normally I wouldn’t care one iota about the results of a senatorial race in another state. But I cared a great deal about the race in Alabama between Republican Roy Moore, an accused child molester whose long record of impropriety has been in the headlines for months, and Democrat Doug Jones, a man I know very little about other than he seems a decent, respectable family man.

President Trump, for whom I have less than no respect, at the urging of his former chief strategist Steve Bannon, had endorsed and strongly supported Roy Moore.

But the voters in deep-red Alabama searched their hearts and souls and by the narrowest of margins, elected Doug Jones. A direct repudiation of Moore and everything he stands for, and a very pointed repudiation of the president who supported him.

I was jubilant last night and, at least for the moment, my heart is a little lighter. Maybe … just maybe … this is the first step on the long road back to decency and respect in America.



“I cannot be an optimist but I am a prisoner of hope.”

— Cornel West


21 thoughts on “Thank you, Alabama

  1. Even if Moore is innocent of the sexual abuses he’s been accused of, he doesn’t deserve to be elected because he’s another Bible thumping, holier than us, radically religious (ISIS like), bedroom monitoring, Republican SOB.

    1. True, but it was the sexual abuses that set him apart from all the other Bible thumping, holier than us, radically religious (ISIS like), bedroom monitoring, Republican SOBs in Alabama.

  2. I suppose potus will blame it on ‘False Voting’; has he used that one yet?

    Not his fault; not the fault of a “Bible thumping, holier than us, radically religious (ISIS like), bedroom monitoring, Republican SOB.” Or or those liars at CNN.

    I have an idea that your jubilation was felt here too; our newsreaders seemed to take great delight in relating the news to us. A good news week even if it was only Wednesday.

    Then again I doubt if the Fox News were, but I wouldn’t know; never having turned them on!

    Great post PT! 😀

    1. I don’t watch Fox News, so I’ve no idea how they presented the story. Actually I don’t watch much cable news at all anymore. I first heard the results when my brother sent me an email.

  3. I haven’t watched any of the TV coverage, but I was checking out online coverage last night, and saw that One America News (rabid pro-Trump/anti-reality) called it for Moore before the polls even closed, and several other far-right sites trumpeted that … at some point, though, they did take down the page, even though it had to have been up for at least a couple of hours … wish I’d thought to take a screenshot. 😉

    Moore never should have made it past the primary for many reasons, not the least of which was his bias against separation of church and state … maybe if Trump had endorsed him at the beginning, he wouldn’t have. I kinda hope he’ll endorse several of our incumbents. 😀

    1. I’ve lost track of all the reasons I have to dislike Moore. He is as repugnant as Donald Trump. Neither of them should have made it past the primaries. If only people had come to their senses before Trump was elected …

  4. People have just had enough.
    Put up a badly flawed, poorly chosen candidate of either party and people will and are going elsewhere.
    Enough already. How about voting for the best individual for the position no matter what party they represent…sounds like a good idea…maybe we should try it.

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