Nature’s finest moments … or not

“Help” by Tibor Kercz. Overall Winner 2017 and winner of the Amazing Internet Portfolio prize.
“The Laughing Dormouse” by Andrea Zampatti. Winner Alex Walker’s Serian On The Land category
“Duck Speed” by John Threlfall. Winner Kenyan Airways In the Air category

The winners of the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced and these are just a few of my favorites. Don’t miss the rest of them, and all the finalists, on the CWPA website.

The overall winner was that poor little owl at the top. In a series of four photos, he only managed to make it up on the branch once. Apparently perching is an early skill not easily learned by some birds.

We first met the adorable laughing dormouse back in the spring of 2016 when he (or she) was voted Number One of 201 submissions on Bored Panda. Still tops in my book, it’s perhaps one of the most widely recognized wildlife photos of our time.

“Duck Speed” amazes and amuses me, and I can only wonder whether the photographer waited patiently for the flying duck to cross in front of the jet or if it was just a lucky shot in a series of exposures. Either way, it took the sharp eye of a photographer to capture the moment.

But these are just a few of my favorites. Do visit the Comedy Wildlife website and enjoy all the great, humorous wildlife photography.

14 thoughts on “Nature’s finest moments … or not

    1. More cattle-looking creatures, I’d guess.
      Nope, spoke too soon. Zoom in and it looks like a flat surface of some kind.
      Er, except it looks like there’s nothing under it. Yep, now I’m really curious too.

  1. The ducks could beat out all whales and porpoises in intelligence tests– any pilot high enough to leave a contrail would be required to speak English for air traffic control 🙂 i always enjoy seeing that little mouse!

  2. Thank you again for bringing these to us PT. always a delight to see. I was wanting more, I feel sure that there are usually many more than this.

    I just love that poor little owl and the way the other two turn to look at him as much as to say “what the hell are you playing at?” in the second picture, and then turn there backs on the poor little chap in the 3rd and 4th.

    The smile/chortle on the mouses face would have to make even the grumpiest of grumps smile. I know that as a fact!

    I just want more. Surely there are many more to see somewhere?

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