18 thoughts on “Retrospection”

  1. johnthecook…this is what happens to us when we are on the loosing end;and the humanists say mankind is getting better…NOT!

  2. Add me to the agree. please. And perhaps you could add, thank you, one worst of the worst sins of our time- the “gang stalking”- mailing people half way around the world to park someone’s car in so they can’t leave, flatten tires, bump them from all sides while hissing nonsense at them. Word of mouth hate campaigns. Stolen mail. Publishing hideous things in your name. Like a flash mob of haters. And it’s happening more and more each day for crazier and crazier reasons.

  3. Although it’s true, the “Lost To Us” list began way before 2017. For some now now Children have no longer been required to take responsibility for their actions which should be enforced by their parents instead of the State.

    Now they are given nearly everything that (over the span of several Summer jobs) I had to save up for and buy… and then had to find money to operate and maintain. Cars, telephones, vacations, clothes… nearly everything.

    What can you expect of such privileged, overindulged kids? A decline in all the listed losses.

    Collectively, it’s our fault.

    In my opinion. Which (when added to $10) is worth a small cup of Starbucks coffee.

    1. It starts with parents, many of whom are not doing their jobs, obviously. It continues with our leaders, who set the example. And the example of late has been little short of hideous.

      1. That’s the worst part. Ideas and attitudes are learned/absorbed from one’s parents. It’s self-perpetuating, in a way, and it’s very hard to break the cycle.

  4. Seriously where on earth are we and this country gonna be in 3 or , the unthinkable, 7 more years?
    I live in a very red area of a mixed state. The people I know who love Trump are in it for the long run. There is no changing their mind because it is made up despite any real facts. If it’s against ther beliefs, it’s fake news. They will be the doom for the rest of us and our country. I just feel it. Sorry to be a downer, but the writing has been on the wall since Obama and maybe before….namely racism, tribalism and far right religion. I fear for our country.

    1. I too fear for our country. We have a loathsome malignant narcissist in the White House who epitomizes and encourages the worst in us. And far too many Americans now feel free to act the same way, to loose their worst and lowest impulses. Our enemies are chortling with glee as we tear ourselves apart, doing their job for them.

  5. Looking on from the outside I must say that the views expressed by the cartoonist appear to be spot on; Sad isn’t it, The respect for the US had been steady, might not have been the greatest in some places but by and large it was doing fine; now it’s on it’s way right down the gurgler!

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