Sinclair Broadcast Group responds to criticism

The Sinclair Broadcast Group responded to its critics (see “Sinclair Broadcast group shoots self in foot“) with this press release. Frankly, I think they missed the point. Or more likely, they chose to step gingerly around it. PR people are trained to do that, you know — say a lot without saying anything, apologize without really apologizing, deflect and equivocate, etc. But that’s just my opinion. Judge for yourself.


Note, April 6, 2018: “Sinclair Broadcast Group owns local news stations across the US — find out whether your local station is one of them”

Categories: Media

6 replies

  1. They definitely missed the point. That, or they got it and just want to play the victim. Yeesh.

  2. As my mother used to say “Self praise is no recommendation”.

  3. I think their statement was only a trial run. The potential is obvious.

    • It will be interesting to see if, given the backlash, they try it again. But there’s no guarantee we’ll know it if they do. For that matter, we don’t know if it’s already been done many times — and by other corporate groups.

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