‘Be Best’?

I’m among those who don’t understand what Melania Trump means with her “Be Best” campaign. My first thought was that since English is her second language, maybe she just missed the mark and means “Be the Best” or “Be Your Best.” But then I realized there are plenty of staff members around her who could have corrected her and saved her the possible embarrassment.

Or maybe it was really Donald’s idea. His grasp of the language seems … er … a little shaky at times. Or maybe he wanted to embarrass Melania.

And that logo. I hope they didn’t pay a designer for that. It looks like something a child wrote. Maybe that was the intention. That would make sense, although it’s really quite forgettable and uninspiring. But it might also be something Donald wrote. I mean, other than his gigantic signature, do we know he can write? Maybe that’s why he tweets all the time. He can’t actually write but he sure knows how to push buttons.

I feel sorry for Melania. And I’m annoyed that someone didn’t speak up and save her from this very public embarrassment.

Categories: language, Politics

13 replies

  1. I best. I bestest best – better best I.

  2. Thank you, my first reaction was “Huh?”

  3. There’s an old Navy truism that a ship’s crew takes on the personality of its captain. Given Melania’s apparent isolation from working society I wouldn’t be surprised if her husband picked her staff. Also, it could be that she emulates his attitude that “I alone can do it.” Either way, it’s embarrassing.

  4. She’s been married to potus for too long. Wonder when she’ll file for divorce; before or after/

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