16 thoughts on “TRUMP TWEETS AGAIN”

  1. Love the photo.
    I don’t know – if he goes, what will we do for comic relief?
    Ya just wake up with enthusiasm every day and go WHHDN (What has he done now…actually “crazy s–t” should be between the W and the H)
    Let this be a lesson to the political parties – dig up some sensible candidates, or suffer…..
    (Do you think the prescriptions for blood pressure meds have doubled or tripled since the last Presidential election?…or maybe that’s the plan to save social security and medicare…push people over the edge…)

    1. Instead of WHHDN, I just stick my head in the sand and don’t watch tv news. (Generally not recommended behavior, but I’m in survival mode.) Somehow, though, the headlines manage to weasel their way into my consciousness. I just can’t go around tense, worried, and angry all the time. Wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right, it’s a plot to push me over the edge … and it’s working!

      And yes, among other things, I worry about what we’ll do for comic relief if he goes. Pence would be even worse, and he’s not even funny bad, he’s just bad bad.

      1. Your reaction is probably the actual reason people are cutting the TV cable/Sat. cords. You can take just so much stupid.
        So far the potential runners are just as laughable: nervous, hysterical, or gotta go for humor to keep from crying.
        At least you have mountains…and hopefully cooler nights – gads what a summer – brain baker in multiple ways

      2. I want to cut the cable because of the ridiculous cost. Just gotta figure out how to do it and still have good internet.

        Potential GOP candidates? I haven’t looked that far. Saw one list of potential Dems and was not enthusiastic.

        Yep, I gotz mountains. But I don’t live in them. And down here the weather has been awful this year. Intolerable heat, Windstorms. Hail storms. Flooding. But it’s more interesting than politics!

  2. I’m with you. I have tried to ignore the whole nightmare but somehow it keeps slipping in around the edges. I don’t want to become one of the uninformed sheeple, but I swear my head is going to explode if something isn’t done to stop this craziness soon. So . . . I limit my cable news intake and avoid most of the politics online. Still . . . I’m just trying to make to the midterms hoping for a sea-change and the opportunity to start fixing this mess.

    1. Me too. Hoping desperately for a resounding, historic Big Blue Wave in November. People willing to fight for and uphold the moral and ethical standards that made this country great.

      1. johnthecook The big blue wave your hoping for in the November elections, I would preface with a big CAUTION. The way I see it The Democratic Party and the idea that Socialism can sleep in the same bed is repulsive and will never work. Big government NEVER solved any of America’s problems. They just make it worse. Any government that will or wants to give you everything, can and will take from you just as quick or even faster. While listening to the Supreme Court confirmation proceedings I heard an excellent take on what is hurting our Government more than TRUMP…and that is the FAILURE of our Legislative Branch to do their job the way it is spelled out in the Constitution. By the way, a Socialist government would NEVER pass the scrutiny of our Founding Fathers and The Framers of our Constitution and Declaration Of Independence and Bill Of Rights!

      2. Oh I absolutely agree with you that our legislative branch has failed miserably to do its job. Both parties are guilty of being more interested in foiling each other than in doing the country’s business.

        As for the Dems and socialism, bear in mind that the extreme socialists are only the farthest left part of the party. There’s a huge swath of voters in the middle of the road, moderates, who are Dems by default only because the GOP has moved so far right. The GOP is so far right that any thought of moderation is likely to put you on the blue side of the aisle. I’m an independent because I don’t like either party, and both seem to be led by their most extreme elements. I think most Americans are somewhere in the middle, and currently the middle ground is blue. Dem, GOP, or otherwise, I think we all need to make sure we get rid of Trump and our do-nothing legislators.

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