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The leaves they are a changin’

Foliage at Lily Lake, just south of Estes Park on Highway 7. The elevation here is 8,930 ft. It was cloudy when I grabbed this screenshot this afternoon.

Okay, Colorado leaf peepers. Hope your car is gassed up and ready to go. The local forecasters have been reporting for a week now that the leaves in the high country are starting to turn — at least a week ahead of schedule. Supposedly that’s due to our drought conditions. It’s apparent even in my yard in the north Denver metro. The leaves are starting to brown around the edges. And I’ve noticed leaves swirling in the street.

Anyway, best be making your plans. The average peak day of fall color, duly noted on my calendar, is September 27 but of course that will vary by location. As always, there will be more early color at higher elevations and farther north and progressively less as you go south and down. Rocky Mountain National Park will give you just about any elevation you want. My personal favorite spot if I don’t go all the way to Estes Park is south of Ward along the Peak-to-Peak Highway. Look to the west near mile marker 37.

Hmm, it appears I wrote almost exactly the same thing last year. Oh well, consider this your 2018 notification.


  1. That time already. Oddly leaves turning/falling here, but not the same dramatic views.
    I’m going to remember your recommended spot. (Looking at some affordable possibilities up there – need good solid internet. Someone said Longmont. Mts /views good, but work means internet as we cannot afford to retire as things are these days. No way to afford anything near Boulder HAHA)

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