The leaves they are a changin’

8 thoughts on “The leaves they are a changin’”

  1. That time already. Oddly leaves turning/falling here, but not the same dramatic views.
    I’m going to remember your recommended spot. (Looking at some affordable possibilities up there – need good solid internet. Someone said Longmont. Mts /views good, but work means internet as we cannot afford to retire as things are these days. No way to afford anything near Boulder HAHA)

    1. Longmont and Loveland both have good access to Estes. So does Lyons, but I think it’s too small to offer much. I’m sure Estes will be costly this time of year. Locals are already talking about Guanella and Kenosha passes, if you want to look farther south.

      1. I’ve liked Loveland for the longest time – stopped at first Carl Jr’s there.
        Looking more now but internet is a must.(Fortunately longer distance with good internet will work as well as just an hour’s drive away)

      2. They are working on getting the whole town hooked up, but work in progress. Some places there are just fine, but others MIA. (We’re pretty spoiled to what we have commercially here, but possible compromise.) Not really sure about affordability but evaluating. – Tired of all the rain, heat, and mosquitoes here

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