Bring on the Blue Tsu

15 thoughts on “Bring on the Blue Tsu”

  1. A good example of the challenge Democrats face in the midterms is the McCaskell/Hawley matchup. Claire is the real deal, smart, hardworking, experienced. Before the senate she was a hard-working and effective state auditor. However, she is also an older woman. I just wonder how many citizens see voting as a celebrity contest? I think it’s many but I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Given the average age of our senators and representatives, I wouldn’t expect age to be an issue. And this strikes me as the perfect time for a woman to be running. As for the celebrity thing, I worried about that when Trump was elected; I worried even more when there was talk of Oprah running. It’s painfully apparent that simply being a celebrity does not make you fit to be president!

      1. I worry about it a lot. Uninformed people will vote for a celebrity just because they know the name. And the media don’t help when they constantly turn to celebrities for opinions. John Q. Moviestar’s opinion about politics is no more valid than anyone else’s. I shudder to think of the votes directed by the opinion of, say, Kim Kardashian. Or Oprah. Think of how many votes Oprah could swing with just a word.

  2. I keep wondering how long it will take for voters to realize that the rivalry that exists exclusively between the two major parties is why none of the promises they make ever come to fruition. Personally, I won’t waste my vote on either of them.

    1. And I keep wondering when we’ll get back to a time when, despite party rivalry, our elected representatives put country ahead of party or personal gain. Yes, I really am naive enough and idealistic enough to think that used to be the case.

  3. Your lack of voting will probably help trump be re elected. If you are ok with what that will mean for the future, then you don’t realize while we have an imperfect system, it’s all we got.

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