Kavanaugh ‘belligerent and aggressive’ when drunk … or sober

15 thoughts on “Kavanaugh ‘belligerent and aggressive’ when drunk … or sober”

    1. It would be nice if those in Washington would surprise us and do the right thing for a change. Sen. Flake did so only because he’s already announced his retirement.

  1. I was appalled at his behavior at the hearing. Sexual assault aside…he has no business being on the Supreme Court. He was unhinged, belligerent and extremely partisan.

  2. Kavanaugh also specially targeted and attacked Democrats and the Clintons for all of this mess. That is NOT what any Supreme Court judge should do. Not even a local, low court judge. A judge must show their bipartisanship, putting their personal feelings aside, and he is not doing that. I’m pretty confident he would do the same thing while an acting judge. He needs to go away. He’s not fit for this position at all.

    1. Oh I remember when he started attacking the Dems and I think my jaw actually dropped when he mentioned the Clintons. Still not sure where that came from. Talk about running off the rails!

  3. How much worse can it get? This Kavanaugh is not ft to sit in judgement on anybody, and yet if he gets that seat, he will have the power to have people executed.

    There must surely be a better way than having these judges nominated/appointed by POTUS ; who only nominates/appoints those of the same political persuasion, not on merit.

    The Forefathers should by making it so be turning in their graves at the havoc they wrought by making it so!

    1. The president nominates the candidate, who must then be voted on and approved, first by the Senate Judiciary Committee and then by the entire Senate, after which POTUS makes the appointment official. The process isn’t always as blatently, blindly partisan as it is now. Nor have the nominees always been so controversial. Senate Republicans are threatening the legitimacy of the Supreme Court if they persist in trying to confirm Kavanaugh by silencing opposition, shortcutting normal procedures, etc.

      There were no formal political parties when the Constitution was written. In fact, Washington specifically warned against them.

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