Explosive devices: What we know so far

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  1. Gads – what chaos. Wish I thought it would get better.
    (Have you seen the van? What’s that? His interpretation of hiding in plain sight? He’d been arrested before for bomb threats. Sigh. When did people stop brain development at age 4? Another nut case – just like the shooter at the baseball field…but the nuts are getting dangerous)

    1. I hadn’t turned on the news yet today, but did so when I read your comment. Glad they caught him. I assume all those stickers on his van were an effort to hide the interior. Then again, glass is a safer place for stickers than a vehicle’s paint.

      So he’s a nut job. But I’m really surprised something like this hasn’t happened before now. Trump is practically begging the nuts to act on their worst impulses. I doubt Trump is capable of changing, so I expect two more years of this sort of thing — unless Congress has sense enough to impeach and convict him of gross incompetence.

      How did we get to this point? Trump. Not a doubt in my mind. That the people around him continue to protect and enable him is absolutely appalling. I don’t know how they can live with themselves.

      1. He ‘s from NYC. Been living in his van – and his mother’s. Several decades of felonies – so they had his DNA and prints. Once they narrowed the sorting facility that seemed to be handling all the packages, they probably started looking at who already known for terroristic and bomb threats lived in the area. Bingo.
        I was really worried after so many childish quiet devices, he’d lull everyone into feeling sort of safe and then send and detonate a big one. So, very glad he’s in custody…and hoping there’s none working with him – or that anyone is inspired to do copycat work.
        I think it started years ago. Play fair, take turns and use manners aren’t really socially acceptable to the self centered- get out of my way, I’m special world..the deplorables on both sides can just be pushed so far before some nut snaps.
        Trumps blurting out and tweets even if he feels are justified are irritating – inciting both sides to extreme nuttiness
        What foolish and temper tantrum prone people we have become.
        This viciousness of these midterms is terrible here – dreading what the next presidential election will be like

      2. Political ads here have also been vicious, obviously in keeping with the tone politics have taken in the last two years. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Not one of them positive. No wonder the nutjobs have been inspried to action. Their “cheerleader” spends most of his time encouraging them.

      3. Mirrored by Waters, Clinton, Hirrono, Holder…
        we do not need pep squad on either side. Just because one acts stupid and immature, no need to mirror it, right? Just because one jumps off the cliff, does everyone have to? Grow up all of you – like watching toddlers fight over a toy dinosaur (and they all are – dinosaurs – ancient ones go home and be quiet.) We, the public who pay your salaries, bills and pensions, have had enough.
        Too many nut jobs that take things literally. Inside voices and civil tones please

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