No golfing today in Estes Park

16 thoughts on “No golfing today in Estes Park”

    1. I know some people that have a condo there that backs onto this golf course. Their gorgeous view may or may not include elk, depending entirely on the elk’s whim. But the golf course and mountains are always there.

  1. The lady across the street had an excellent vantage point. A while back, I was in Estes Park and the Elk were everywhere! I don’t recall it being this time of year. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because we had been staying in a cabin and I don’t do cold weather. I suppose they feel safe since they’re protected.

    1. They’ve gotten very used to crowds of humans gawking at them. Besides, with antlers like those bulls have, who’d want to mess with them? And they are a big draw in Estes, although they may be a nuisance to residents.

      Wouldn’t you love to have a balcony with the view that woman has?

  2. I don’t know if I’d be out on my balcony taking pictures of the elks fighting in my front yard…unless I knew for SURE that they can’t jump very high! Great post!

      1. Yep. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens fairly often, with the elk used to wandering through town. Did you notice the two cyclists who went zipping by in the background? They didn’t even slow down.

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