The morning after the night before

I’d hoped for at least a few quiet days before the 2020 campaign began, but there were rumblings even before all the ballots were counted last night. Nevertheless, I’m breathing a bit easier this morning.

The Democrats took back the House yesterday, a lot of women were elected to various posts, and Colorado elected another Democratic governor and a number of other Dems, even booting a 5-term Republican congressman. We also approved a couple of measures that will stop gerrymandering in the state by appointing an independent bipartisan commission to do it instead of the ranking party at the state capitol.

Yes, there were a lot of disappointing results. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was re-elected; Heidi Heitcamp (D-ND) and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) were not. Not a single new tax was approved in Colorado, even though they were all for either education or roads and infrastructure, and I’d have gladly paid a few cents more for those. I’m probably most disappointed that a measure to limit fracking in Colorado failed.

Still, the most important thing was Democrats retaking the House. Maybe now we’ll start seeing Trump held accountable for his actions.



10 thoughts on “The morning after the night before

  1. I started watching the results come in around 7pm. The early numbers went favored Republicans — I couldn’t watch that.Reminded me of when the results started rolling in between Trump and Hillary. Later I checked and heard Dems had won the House. I was so relieved. There are going to be a lot of stale mates, I’m sure, but better than Trump and his groupies approving every horrid thing that comes across their desks.

    1. I’m hopeful we’ll see some changes now, or at the very least, some strong opposition to Trump’s ignorant, unethical, racist, misogynistic, and just plain hateful behavior. I just hope the damage he’s done doesn’t prove irreparable.

  2. Hopefully, now that everyone wins some/loses some everyone can feel they have a place at the table and will be true to their word and reach across party lines and get back to business….oh, well, we can dream.
    (Note to Beto: next time – and there will be a next time shortly, 1). do not use money/prepaid donated to your election campaign to be given as gifts/support to a charity even if to help poor immigrants seeking…that money was given to get you elected. Angered people – your people 2). Don’t just say “vote for me ’cause I visited every county in TX” – who suggested that? Like “vote for me, I’m a woman” bah, 3). you have a congressional record with “issues” like voting against giving Galveston/Harris Co. disaster relief after a hurricane…only 4 congressmen voted like that – against your own neighbors? Seriously? 4). About your supporting misuse of imminent domain to bulldoze a Paso barrio of poor so Big Box stores could be built (by your millionaire father-in-law)…, 5. first you state you will run a positive campaign then get desperate and run the worst, ugliest commercials ever – back to back for the last 2 weeks….5). stop the Robert Kennedy look alike poses – brings up the car wreck thing – you didn’t kill anyone, but… 6) about the drunk driving crash – you could have gotten by that IF you had not lied “I did not try to leave the scene” when it’s in the police reports and multiple eye witnesses – the ones who restrained you – came forward – you could have said “I was so drunk I can’t remember, but have learned from the experience.” With Senate seats quickly turning into a life long career that is very hard to get anyone out of once they are there – no one likes to see a young politician already evading, misrepresenting, lying, dropping F bombs in speeches before he gets into office.
    Darn You. You stuck us again with a senator who drives so many of us nuts.)
    Mixed party governments are good. The market likes them as it knows little will get accomplished over the next 2 years – stability of a sort. All I care about is the economy continues to grow, life in general becomes safer…without over-the-top-emotional stalkers and mobs – people learn to stop name calling at the drop of a hat and stop demonizing anyone who believes/thinks differently and with human traffickers stopped. That’s a lot to wish for I guess. Life will go on.
    Sadly the next presidential election campaign is already beginning…..UGH

    1. Sounds like Beto wouldn’t have been much better than Cruz. But Cruz absolutely makes my skin crawl. Like the line in My Fair Lady, oozing charm from every pore, he oils his way around the floor. Cold eyes. Cold, insincere smile.

      Everyone wins some, loses some. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work? But Congress has forgotten that. Everyone holds out for win ’em all, or at least don’t let the other guy win.

      There are some new players now, but I’m not expecting anything to change.

      1. Creepy creepy guy. Cruz is pretty hardline narrow minded.
        His wife looks fragile, I worried about her last time – but better now than last time.
        It was a strange horrible race. We’ll see Beto again – this was a practice run. He’s got some history to get past, but the analyst say he wouldn’t have gotten even close if people hadn’t voted straight ticket. The ballot races and propositions made a very long ballot and so many just get tired or lazy and take a short cut. A bit of fine tuning before the next run (VP with Warren?), but he’s already a politician at heart. People got mad when they discovered he wasn’t Hispanic/Mexican heritage – not being used to the fact that many Roberts/Robertos are nicknamed Beto here. Then some goobers started saying people who voted against Cruz were racist and white nationalists – It got totally stupid here. Insane.People have completely lost their minds.
        I totally agree with your second paragraph.
        Fingers crossed, but not a whole lot of hope. But change brings hope

    1. johnthecook What does the Quran have to do with managing or running our country…unless you want to be under “Sharia Law”, Women you better hold on to the seat of your pants or the hymn of your skirts if Sharia ever becomes law in America, Check out those Mid East Countries where it is practiced and heartwarming stories about it are told. I am just saying.

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