An international embarrassment

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  1. johnthecook…Can you please help me? I just can’t seem to make heads or tales on what this blog is all about

    1. During WWI, our soldiers fought and died in France in all kinds of weather and conditions (trench warfare, etc.), yet Trump declined to visit the cemetery to honor their sacrifice just because it was raining (“drizzling” according to one report).

      1. johnthecook…thanks for the clarification,I did not hear about this. What a wimp! How ever I do recall the report of President Obama not visiting The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier during his first term as POTUS,and the press also made a big deal about this.

      1. and the even smaller mind; …..

        ………then again he might not have one of those, says me wandering off scratching my noggin

        ……………………….We say tiny weeny here and in England)

  2. The claim I heard was that the weather was not deemed safe for Marine One (helicopter) to fly. The other heads of state took a bus, something our fearless (?) leader doubtless thought was beneath him.

    1. Hadn’t heard about the bus. The story just keeps getting worse. I’d heard he didn’t want to drive because it would jam up traffic … as if he cared one iota about inconveniencing someone else.

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