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Count every vote

There’s nothing illegal or wrong about a recount of the votes in Florida. And, according to the Florida Department of State:

A 10-day extension exists for overseas voters. The overseas voter’s vote-by-mail ballot must be postmarked or dated by Election Day and received within 10 days of the election in order to be counted, provided the ballot is otherwise proper.

For the mathematically challenged, that’s November 16. And though it may include some American tourists abroad, it also includes thousands of US soldiers.

Let’s let Florida do its job and count every vote.

(And let’s never, ever again let a recount issue go to the Supreme Court! If the state can’t work it out, they should just hold a new election.)


  1. What messy voting systems you have in the US, perhaps the US government could send a task force to Australia next year, to learn how elections should be conducted.

    They might even enjoy a “sausage sizzle” at the same time

"A republic, if you can keep it." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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