Count every vote

7 thoughts on “Count every vote”

  1. What messy voting systems you have in the US, perhaps the US government could send a task force to Australia next year, to learn how elections should be conducted.

    They might even enjoy a “sausage sizzle” at the same time

      1. It would work without compulsory voting.
        It’s only compulsory to go to the polling station what you do with your ballot is entirely up to you, I’ve been known to write factitious stuff on the ballot paper when the contestants have not appealed to me. But it’s one way of getting people to think about voting. Get them to the the polling booth and hope for the best

      2. And how do the elderly and infirm get to the polling stations? Thank you, but I prefer my mail-in ballot. I’ve done my share of standing in line.

      3. They do exactly what you do, mail it in, and don’t have to pay for the postage.

        can do that if I wanted but I get enjoyment going along with the happy crowds, it’s good fun. and I enjoy the sausage sizzle at times.

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